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3 of a Kind Small Straight
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Yats game is also called Yam's or Yahtzee. Play-yahtzee.com offers to play for free.

Between two meetings, on the bus, while waiting for the doctor... a few minutes are enough to play a game of Yatz on your computer or smartphone.

Yahtzee Rules

Yahtzee Rules The object of this traditional game of chance is to roll 5 dice to score the most points. The game can be played alone or with others.

At each turn, the player rolls the five dice to obtain a figure, ie a particular configuration of these dice. Figures allow you to score points. Each turn consists of 3 dice rolls. Between each throw, the player can decide to set aside and keep some dice, and reroll the other dice.

At the latest after the 3 throws, but potentially before the 3 throws, the player must choose a figure on the score sheet to score the points obtained. If he did not get a fig with his dice, or if it does not correspond to an available space, the player will score 0 points

Each box on the score sheet must be used once, and only once. The game ends when the score sheet is filled. The total number of points is the sum of the boxes, increased by certain bonuses.

Many sites offer the integral rules of Yam's. See all the details of the Yahtzee rules.

History of the Yahtzee

It seems that this game was invented by an anonymous Canadian couple. The first name was the Yacht, since this couple played it on their boat with their friends. Later, they ask Edwin S. Lowe to produce some copies of the game to distribute to their friends. But Lowe felt the game's potential, and by improving the game and its rules, packaging, and marketing, he managed to sell 40 million games in just under 20 years (1956 to 1973).


Since, Hasbro, the famous maker of board games, claims to sell over 50 million board games a year worldwide.

Variants of Yam's around the world.

This dice game is very popular in many countries around the world. However, it does not necessarily have the same name from one country to another. Thus, in North America, we speak of "Yatz" or "Yatzie", but in England, we will refer to "Poker Dice" or "Cheerio". In France, it is rather "Yams" or "Yatz". The most creative are the South Americans, who play the "Generala". In Germany, we play "Kniffel". And in Turkey, it is the "Kismet" that comes closest. Other similar games like "Yacht" or "Crag" exist.

All these games have generally similar rules, but there are specificities. The number of dice can vary, the figures can also be specific. In addition, the way of counting points and in particular point bonuses are sometimes different from game to game.